Behavior everything of love and the joy is my ceremony.

Time held me green and dying Though I sang in my chains like the sea.

Tal, Tree, Willow...


fine print

I've always found it annoying to go to someone's info page only to get very little actual info about them. Imagine my horror at discovering I have committed that very faux pas. Without further ado...

I'm thirty-fifteen but look, dress, and feel younger than that. This may have something to do with the fact that I started using heavily at the end of high school. I didn't actually start growing up until 18 years ago.

I have no children and have to wonder if I ever will; fortunately I have many friends optimistic enough to continue bringing these innocent critters into the world that allow me to meet my baby therapy quotas.

I'm Baltimore born and bred, though I've had the privilege of traveling throughout the country and Europe and am always ready to go see more.

I am a submissive introvert trapped in a strong, independent woman's body and I can't get out. I am, however, owned by a cat.

I am snarky, but it doesn't sit as well as it used to.

I am sexy.

I am constantly trying to feel connected to the Universe; to powers bigger than myself.

I am also always trying to learn - especially about other lifestyles; things that call to a part of me that I don't always have the opportunity to explore. I am moderately liberal politically, studying an Old Craft tradition with a side of Buddhism spiritually, and monogamous but into kink sexually. I hope to add friends who live the lives I haven't as well as those who live the one I do.

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PSA lifted from altoidsaddict:
Cats, as domesticated animals, do not need to roam outside. If you let your cat roam outside, you may be signing their death warrants, and it's a stupid and irresponsible thing to do. They can get nasty diseases, they *do* get hit by cars, and everyone who lets their cats go outside "because it's natural" should be sentenced to watch 20 hours of "Emergency Vets" including that episode where the woman let her cat go outside and its jaw was ripped halfway off when it got hit by a car. Like feeding your cat through a tube? Then keep it up. (Note: Special dispensation to barn cats, who live in fairly rural areas and have a job to do, but keep in mind they also have a very short life span and tend to get attacked by ferals.)

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